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Atif Iqbal, MBA

Atif Iqbal, MBA

Executive Coach and Consultant

Character is destiny. Atif believes that while a vision or dream is essential, a person’s values, traits, and worldview influence personal and professional life choices shaping destiny. He is passionately committed to helping people reconnect with their strengths and best self to flourish – both at work and in life.

Atif utilizes an integral approach – informed by neuroscience – in coaching that leverages the multiple intelligences clients have. He partners with his clients to generate those aha moments where clients discover how an existing attitude or belief has been getting in the way of the results they desire. But, as cognitive insight alone isn’t enough for change to stick, coaching also serves as a vehicle to explore resistances (often emotions) and co-create experiments and experiences, during and between sessions, that help clients move beyond the stories that limit them and confidently incorporate thriving behaviors in their daily lives.

Atif has have over twenty years of experience with top tier global organizations in banking and consulting, diversified across geographies, business & economic cycles, and functional areas. In his last corporate role, Atif served as the National Loan Products Manager for Citi Commercial Bank based out of New York. Atif has been a senior leadership team member and has served on a central bank committee reporting to the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Atif has also received a ‘Leaders in Excellence’ award presented to Top 1% of leaders in Citigroup’s North America Consumer Banking operations.

Atif has considerable experience in national, regional, and global projects involving new businesses and complex team dynamics, including leading multiple work-streams (100+ employees) to launch new products for Citibank (NY), and winning Asia-Pacific regional mandates spanning 15+ countries.

As banker and consultant, Atif’s experience is diversified in terms of functions and industries:

  • Functions: Relationship management, risk management, product development and management, strategy, marketing, and organizational development.
  • Industries: Healthcare, professional services, technology, financial services, consumer goods, government contracting, textiles, commercial real estate, and chemical & petroleum.

Atif is a certified executive coach (UPenn) and integral coach (New Ventures West), credentialed with International Coaching Federation (ICF) at the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) level. He holds an MBA, with academic honors, from the Wharton School in strategy and marketing. Atif has also completed a Master of Philosophy degree at the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn), receiving the Paul J Korshin Award for Academic Excellence in 2020 for outstanding scholastic achievement in coursework.

An avid baker, cinephile, and global traveler (51 countries), Atif is most proud of participating in a Wharton leadership expedition to Patagonia (Chile) where, with no prior hiking experience, he scaled a summit in blizzard conditions after losing his glasses in the 50 mph winds.