Build Non-Profit Capacity

How We Help Non-Profits

Delve provides capacity-building to high-impact non-profits. This work is informed by our consultants’ personal experience in non-profit management or board leadership positions. We increase a non-profit’s impact through strategic planning, aligning goals and organizational structure, performance management tools, talent assessments, and leadership coaching and development.


"Blair's gift is drawing out the best thinking from a wide range of stakeholders and then assisting the team in translating these commentaries into a comprehensive road map that is of substance and has buy-in. She accomplishes this through respectful listening, questions offered to engage a deeper understanding of root causes and the ability to synthesize anecdotal and factual data into a forward looking plan of action that will change the trajectory of this organization."
Non-Profit Advisory Board Chair
Baltimore, MD

We Can Help you Move Forward.

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