Google’s Project Aristotle Offers a Lesson in Emotional Intelligence

Team culture. Organizational mission. Company vision and corporate values.

Are these concepts just warm fuzzy HR-speak, or are these constructs that can make or break your business? Google has an opinion on this and so should you.

Highlighted recently in Inc. Magazine, Google’s Project Aristotle analyzed 180 Google teams to identify why some teams fail and some succeed. Project researchers found five traits shared among successful teams—psychological safety, dependability, structure/clarity, meaning and a sense of making an impact.

As a start-up founder or leader of an established business, you may be laser-focused on your product and your financials. But as you build your business, the culture of your teams can make or break you. Take a cue from Google when building the emotional intelligence of your organization…

There exists a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.


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